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Need To Know SEO Facts


80% of the people using Google, click on organic search results instead of paid search ads.


77% of people research a company before they make a purchase or do any other interaction with the business.


68% of people prefer to do their own online research over speaking to a salesperson.

Why Does SEO Matter?

Today, people use search engines for everything: to answer a question, see the latest news, learn about something, and of course, to make a purchase. In fact, 89% of consumers begin the buyer’s journey with an online search. With SEO in place for your website, your site is more accessible. More qualified leads will visit your website, increasing your sales potential and chances for conversions. 

Snap In Media has been in the digital marketing industry since 2006, and in that time we’ve become SEO experts. Our SEO services are customized to meet your needs. We follow the best and latest practices to improve your search ranking and web traffic for the right keywords that will result in more leads and sales.

Finding The Right Keywords

The purpose of SEO isn’t to rank for the most popular search terms. The goal is to rank for the best ones for your business. Through extensive research, our team identifies the keywords that are most likely to attract qualified leads and turn into conversions.

8 Steps To A Successful SEO Strategy

Before we get down to work, our team takes the time to learn the ins and outs of your business. The more we know about your target audience, existing customers, business model and goals, the better we’re able to craft the perfect SEO strategy for you.

    1. Goals – We help you refine and define your digital marketing goals.
    2. Website Audit – A website audit helps us catch any technical or on-page issues that are negatively affecting your ranking.  Additionally, it allows us to identify any strengths and areas of improvement. We also do an audit of your competitors’ websites to see how your SEO practices compare to theirs.  
    3. Keyword Research – Using keyword tools, we research popular search terms in your industry, phrases your customers are searching, search volume, and competition. This research helps us to identify the very best keywords for your business that will yield the best results.
    4. Planning & Execution – In this phase, our team establishes the optimization plan for your website. Once we refine the strategy, we put it into motion.  
    5. Monitoring Results – Next, we use Google Analytics to see how your site is performing with the new SEO plan in place. Analytic insights help us measure the efficacy of our strategy and show us new opportunities for growth and areas that need fixing.
    6. Adjustments – Using the data from Google Analytics, we make the appropriate modifications to your site that will continue improving your web traffic and ranking.
    7. Content Creation – Content is a significant component of SEO strategy. Our team of skilled content marketers develops content that will entertain and educate your customers, which ultimately helps improve your search ranking and attracts prospects.
    8. Reporting & Revising – We’ll continue to monitor your site’s performance and share our findings. Continual monitoring helps us keep your website competitive.

The Right SEO Solution For You 

In our 13+ years of business, we’ve learned that SEO strategies are like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, the industry you’re in, your years in business, or the status of your current SEO strategy. We’ll create the right plan that will help your business grow and thrive.

Local SEO

One of the best ways to drive sales for your local business.

  • Local search optimization
  • Content creation
  • Google My Business management
  • Citation optimization

Technical SEO

Helps search engines access, crawl, and index your website.

  • Image optimization
  • Analysis of backlinks
  • Website migrations
  • Schema markup


SEO Analytics

A more in-depth reporting on your site’s performance.

  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  • Reporting and insights
  • User behavior insights

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Want To Outrank Your Competitors?

Get Started With A Free Website And SEO Review.

Your Instant SEO Review. Run The Report Now…

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