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The #1 Reason Why Local Businesses Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Because Organic Search Is The Primary Driver Of Website Traffic.

how local business seo works

Organic search is a critical component of your business website’s strong performance and an essential pillar in the buyer’s funnel.

The ultimate goal in the buyer’s funnel is conversion, engagement, and customer loyalty over time, but the means of getting to that goal invariably travels through your website and greater visibility with search engine optimization.

Search Goes Through Google

There are many search engines out there today, but Google swallows up about three-fourths of the search market. Other search engines like Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing do all right for themselves, but your business really needs to distinguish itself by the standards of Google’s ever-shifting algorithms in order to achieve page-one status on this most important of search engines.

The fact is that most Google users don’t go beyond the first page of search results, which underscores the importance of your business achieving higher search rankings and better all-around results in terms of search engine results pages (SERPs) and visibility.

Achieve Greater Visibility

The attention bandwidth of customers is getting smaller and smaller, and users are increasingly unwilling to scroll beyond the first page of search engine results in their search for a solution. Thus, the landscape of SERPs has become an increasingly winner-take-all environment whereby your company needs to find itself on page one of search engines like Google in order to simply maintain parity.

Google’s algorithms are incredibly sophisticated and will look for key features on your website like its responsiveness and easy navigability. Google wants to know that your business website is delivering the goods to customers, and Google is willing to reward your business for the extra effort.

Improving SEO Improves UX and Vice Versa

A so-called UX-designed website is one that has been optimized to suit the user’s preferences and streamline the interaction between users and your business website. Google has mysterious tools built into its ranking algorithms to determine whether your business website is truly optimized in such a way as to streamline the user experience. Because user experience is critical to a website’s ultimate success, Google has increasingly incentivized UX-designed websites and customer-friendly features.

In other words, the more that you improve your website along UX lines, the greater your visibility thanks to Google’s ever-shifting search algorithms. UX design elements include: input controls, informational components, and navigational components. Ask an experienced website design company what’s being done to optimize your business website along these lines.

Local SEO Offers Unique Benefits

Local SEO is perfectly positioned to increase your conversion with local customers, who increasingly access your brand through mobile devices. Fifteen years ago, local SEO wouldn’t have made a whole lot of business sense, but these days your business can’t afford to go without local SEO as part of its overall digital marketing strategy.

Local SEO is especially important for increasing the conversions among small and medium-sized businesses since it connects businesses with local customers, who are the lifeblood of local businesses, within a specified vicinity of the business’s brick-and-mortar location. Backlinks and local citations help bolster results with local SEO.

Overall, UX-designed websites that are findable on Google and compatible with local SEO are critical for business success.

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